Objectives: to evaluate the lipid lowering effect on the blood lipid profiles of three standardized natural extracts on rat. In the study were took male Wistar rats, weighting 200±10 g, using a hyperlipidemic model using Triton WR, 10 mg/kg b.w., intraperitonealy. After 20 hours the rats were treated with 1 mL suspension of standardized extracts of Alii sativi bulbus, Hippophae fructu, Squalus achantios, 1 ml/100 g b.w., orally. The controls received NaCl 0,9%, 10 ml/kg b.w. orally. After two hours blood samples were took and we determined the total lipid profile, blood cholesterol, HDL-c, LDL-c, plasma triglycerides. The statistical evaluation of the results was made by the “t” student test. According to the blood test results the total blood lipids increased with 23,75% after the treatment with Triton WR, 10 mg/kg b.w., intraperitoneally. After the administration of the natural standardized extracts the total lipid profile decreased with values between 2,13% and 17,32%. The total cholesterol profile increased on the hyperlipidemic model with 21,90% and decreased after the treatment with 33,58% for the combination of the natural extracts containing Alii sativi bulbus, Hippophae fructu, Squalus achantios  and the LDL cholesterol decreased with 51,18% compared with untreated control Triton batch.

Conclusions: the combination of the standardized extracts of Alii sativi bulbus, Hippophae fructus, Squalus achantios has lipid lowering properties, reducing the total triglycerides, cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and increases the HDL cholesterol levels.

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Clinical Laboratory and Food Safety, Traian Vuia 6, Sect. 2, Bucharest, Romania,

Aut. Anca Pop & al. 2015

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