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We have been producing medicines for you for 30 years

We are evolving in line with our initial mission – to find accessible and modern treatments for you. We focus our strategy on pharmaceutical transformational development research and we innovate in real time new therapeutic formulas adapted to your needs. We manufacture premium quality medicines, to European standards, in Europe, and dietary supplements with pure ingredients, standardized to pharmacologically active principles.

AC HELCOR Pharmaceutical Company

30 years of innovation, growth and stability

During the 30 years of activity, we have evolved in line with our initial mission – to find affordable and modern treatments for millions of people. We manufacture premium quality medicines, to European standards, respecting GMP norms.

We are dedicated to innovation and continuous growth. We focus our strategy on research, innovation and transformational pharmaceutical development to provide real-time therapeutic solutions for millions of people, in collaboration with academic partners in line with the latest scientific advances of the moment.

Our stability in the market is the result of our commitment to excellence and quality. We are a pharmaceutical company with a solid reputation and enjoy the trust of patients, medical professionals and our partners.


We innovate medicines now and here for you

We have a dynamic team of researchers and an intense pharmaceutical research activity recognized internationally. We innovate new therapeutic formulas adapted to current medical needs. We continue to focus on innovative biomolecular pharmaceutical systems, advanced technologies for the prevention of neuro-cardio-metabolic diseases, healthy aging and immune system support.

We collaborate with academic elites for research projects in order to bring new perspectives and accelerate innovative discoveries in the development of new products and technologies.

We are dedicated to training the next generation of researchers, so knowledge and progress go forward, across generations, in finding innovative solutions for health.

Health, Science, Education, Excellence, Charity

We have the responsibility not only to manufacture high quality products, but also to support the community and the causes that matter.

From the factory immediately to you: Promise fulfilled

Our vision stays the same over time – to make available modern treatments to millions of people, treatments necessary for everyday life – at the highest quality standards.

From the factory immediately to you: we collaborate with internationally recognized medicine distributors. Together with pharmacists from large national chains or independent pharmacies, we offer you exactly what you need. If you need help, we send your vitamins and food supplements directly to your home by ordering online. We produce and quickly supply essential medicines for your health.

Frequently asked questions

I represent a company that is looking for food supplements for our brand, how can you help us?

If you are a medium or large company and you are looking for food supplements for your own brand or you are looking for a manufacturer of food supplements, AC HELCOR will be your partner. in achieving this goal.

We develop new products, from the concept to the finished product, we will work with you step by step, to ensure that your product is of high quality, appreciated and one step ahead of the competition.

Can I use the name, logo, trademarks or other materials owned by AC HELCOR?

If you wish to use our name or logo, our product names and logos or any other AC HELCOR material that you see on our website or elsewhere, you must obtain written permission from us before using any between materials. All these things are part of our intellectual property and, as such, are protected.

How can I report an adverse reaction to one of the medicines?

Adverse reactions can be reported on the website of the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices.

How can I get photos or videos from you to use in my story?

Please let us know what the photos or videos will be used for, any specifications, the deadline, and we will contact you.

You can learn more about our products in the Products section.

Learn about our products

If you are a healthcare professional (HCP) or consumer seeking medical information about our prescription products, please contact the AC HELCOR team: email

What are AC HELCOR's social responsibility values?

Throughout its 12 years of existence, founded in 2000, the Elena Pop Pharmacist Foundation continued its activity, promoting five essential values: health, science, education, excellence and charity.

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